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Mel (Melcir) Erskine-Richmond, Global Education MagazineMelcir Erskine-Richmond

Founder-CEO-Visionary Catalyst – First the Earth LandSea International Eco-Holistic-Living City Models Network

Having worked first in the publishing sphere in Australia, and then for a UK shipping publisher, and having also written a lengthy Annual Report for United Nations FAO sub-group, the UK Freedom From Hunger Campaign, while in England, I was later invited by Canadian friends to join them at a Radio-Television corporation in Montreal, Canada, which led me into Advertising, via radio and television commercial production. It was in Montreal, while working in Winter Sports Resorts Advertising, that I received the dream vision which transformed my life. — Thereafter, everything I undertook had to fit the goals of my dream.– I had been found by a non-paying unseen client!! — I changed enormously.

Finally, some years later, a proposal was developed towards a peaceful, futuristic society, engaged in much healthy outdoor holistic living, sports, and Earthcare, in 6 international eco-cities, with a voyage-training ship to assist a research-rescue team to aid flood or volcano-threatened Islanders, plus to aid a recycle team to help eliminate Ocean plastic-debris. I also worked personally to acquire the skills to present this document, appearing first in a Tower Theatre London performance of “Agamemnon”, and next in a minor role for a shipboard snapshot production of the smash-hit, “Hair”. These paved my way, and I then presented my paper at various minor community sites, before numerous insignificantly small audiences, until finally I was invited to present my proposal at the World Future Society’s 9th General Assembly in Washington, DC, in 1989. This paper, recently revised with the following abstract, is now available via the Internet, upon request via:


“This eco-habitat model consortium features six holistic International circular university-cities, united and interlinked by a lateen-or gaff-rigged topsail schooner, as floating university-of-the-seas — a mini 7thcity. This international eco-living network is designed as a working global model, geared to deliver interactive telecasts and electronic media packs, as a vibrant 21st Century prototype for planetary socio-cultural transformation, fully awake and eco-soul empowered. — Ready to include a future spaceport when the time is right.

The six land-contributing national GlobalCP committees will liaise globally with international campus and city-groups in various countries. Their locally-raised funds, expertise and resources will help acquire and outfit the international schooner and communications network, and provide sponsors for city-planning and development, infrastructure and industry. ~ For rapid reference, a series of regularly updated Edu-2-Go self-explanatory multi-media video documentary edutainment kits and 3D eco-hero computer-games will be available for general distribution, or be purchased aboard ship, at in-port events.”

There is also now a LinkedIn Discussion group, First the Earth – Series of International Holistic eco-cities & Lateen Tallship”, website URL: –, plus a flickr photo group, “Earth Care ACTIONS Volunteers ~ FIRST-THE EARTH!” –– To join our discussions, and / or photo group, prospective members should first CONNECT with the group owner, Mel Erskine-Richmond, via email, at

Via our LinkedIn Discussion group, we are currently discussing goals, and working to form a non-profit Foundation, LOCAL TO GLOBAL, providing:

1 ~ ECO-HUBS: CITY & CAMPUS. Org. setup, get-togethers, fund-raisers, &c.

2 ~ LATEEN SAIL-TRAIN TALL SHIP ~ Islands star navigation; sea-plastic research-remove; eco-rescues; aid mangroves.

3 ~ ECO-CITIES – Help co-design 6 futuristic organic eco-soul solar circular university-cities; using OTEC, &c. We invite Pro bono aid. Volunteers & Sponsors.

FTE goals include:

•CO-BUILD: Want a fun + career-excellence combo? – Join caring singles, couples, and families, in this exciting emerging Eco-holistic EARTH-SEA-CARE TALLSHIP& ECO-CITIES n-p GLOBAL FOUNDATION. ~ Embrace: . Sail Training, .Eco-Living Arts, .Marine Studies [Ocean-Coastal Conservation, Habitat Renewal, & Sealife Care], .Rainforest Protection; .Aquaculture Biofarm; .Multi-media Performing Arts [In-Port Events, Seminars, Workshops, & Edu-2-Go Paks on: Eco-living, Planetary Transformation – Physics & Metaphysics; .Reforestation of Mangroves; .Eco-cleanups; .Inter-species Communications, Earth-Sea Habitat Renewal]; plus . Dive Eco-tours; & .Undersea Archaeology, &c.]. ~ Working together, the Tallship, Eco-tours, & Eco-lifestyle teams will research-develop unique aesthetic urban designs for 6 circular international holistic eco-cities.

• CO-WORK: Future-oriented? – Develop & participate in national holistic eco-excellence Arts HUBS in capital cities, with links at local communities and on University campuses. Be eco-charged! — Help shape the new happiness dynamic + creatively fulfilling holistic future. The project will offer affordable 21st C. housing; eco-dating support; ideal eco-match partner for uplifting and stable relationship; family-community values; plus general life-support counseling.

* HELP FUNDRAISE – for our Lateen Tallship Earth-Sea Care project – Our MISSION*:-Form a non-profit Foundation to fund ocean-voyaging; train in sailing, ship management + maintenance; volunteer-musters; ocean sciences; eco-living; scuba-diving; sea archaeology; reef ecology; recue Atolls-peoples from peril; restore mangroves on eroded coasts; hold workshops; trade port-to-port for supplies; research-remove-recycle ocean-plastic debris; hold mid-ocean undersea marine mammal health-checks – dolphins, whales, etc.; lead underwater archaeology tours; maintain onboard a-v production house; develop edu-kits on eco-living transformations; present in-port ‘Work-Ship Workshop’ video documentary seminars; plus market multi-media Edutainment-2-Go Kits, &c. — Surplus profits help relocate Oceania Islander-and-Atolls-evacuees, plus fund 6 eco-cities, and aid new projects, etc.

CONNECT-DIRECT, via LinkedIn. – To learn more, and to tell us your potential contributions, relevant expertise and experience, networks, previous air-sea travels, etc. Details, email:

With best wishes – Melcir R. Erskine-Richmond, Founder-CEO-Visionary Catalyst – First the Earth LandSea International Eco-Holistic-Living City Models Network


This article was published on January 30th: School Day of Non-violence and Peace in Global Education Magazine

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