The Feminine Condition: From Homo Sapiens in the Prehistoric Era to the Homo Conscienciatus in the Cosmodernity

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Human nature is inscribed on the biophysical laws of life and death; which forces us to consider our relationship with the planet Earth and our destiny as a species. A human species whose long cosmo-eco-biological evolution would lead to a huge diversity of singular cultures that have been mutually fertilizing themselves since its inception. The emergency of ecological science, cosmology and molecular biology have led to systemic and transdisciplinary understanding where the universe is inside of us, and at the same time we are the universe. Humanity has in his DNA all the history of the universe and life.
Naturally, the reductive and mono-disciplinary conception of old science is blind to the self-eco-organization that occurs in all living autonomy. The sciences of 19th and 20th centuries house the human/animal and culture/nature dichotomy despite the Darwinian demonstration that contemplates humans as a long evolution of the lineage of primates Hominoidea. Effectively, self-eco-organizing principle is characterized by the autonomy and dependence of human life regarding their environment. That is, the human autonomy is inseparable from dependence on natural energetic resources of its environment. For this reason, the understanding of prehistory, with hunter-gatherer societies as las vestige of primitive humanity of homo sapiens, means a trans-cultural start point in the current world-society of the 21st century.
In these hunter-gatherer societies organized by clans, the male and female genders were not only biologically differentiate through their sexual organs, but they would also begin to establish differences in their socio-cultural roles. Probably, the characteristics sociocultural functions of male bioclase, such as hunting or war, would cause a bigger development in the left cerebral hemisphere of the encephalon, which is the neurophysiological part that works the logic, analysis and planification. By contrast, the sociocultural conditions of female bioclase in this period, as the collection of plants and fruits -besides traditional mothering-, would lead to a bigger development of right hemisphere, which is the part responsible for the sensations, feelings, empathy, intuition and overall apprehension.
Living conditions given from the Upper Paleolithic would cause the dispersion of human groups by the Earth-Homeland during the last 40,000 years of prehistory, resulting in the emergence of historical societies in the Middle East, India, China, Mexico and the Andes. Eight or nine millenniums ago, during the climate change of the interglacial period of Holocene geological time scale, new complex societies would begin to organize themselves into city-states: dominating agricultural techniques, transhumance and pottery. Human civilization abandoned subsistence economy based on nomadic hunting, to create a sedentary economy based in the sociocultural complementarity between male bioclase and female bioclase, that is, with the symbiosis between the pluri-skills of both genders.
Effectively, with the understanding of gender roles in the prehistoric societies, we glimpse the human being is at the highest ethical and humanistic challenge has ever been faced during all the history of his own existence. Do not exist corners in the world where the telecommunications revolution has been impeded to arrive to shed the shameful figures of gender inequality and violence which plague the face of the Earth in the 21st century. All the earthly habitat is aware of such shameful and pitiful situation of female vulnerability: employment and educational discrimination, poverty, illiteracy, maltreatment, genital mutilation, trafficking, enslavement…
Knowledge make us responsible. Responsibility and ethic commitment is, inexorably, universal. A planetary and multidimensional reformulation of trans-cultural values of current and future world-society is necessary. Male chauvinist prejudices existing in the minds and behavior in certain regions of the world, with patriarchal systems more or less marked, represent the decline of one-dimensional and linear thought of human beings, where testosterone is imposed on the foliculine. Therefore, a deeper level of awareness that understood equality and equity of womanhood as common progess of human species is required. A species that must learn to recognize at the face of its opposite and biological complementary, regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs.
 We talk about starting a new stage in the history of humanity: namely the cosmodernity. A new human era characterized by the active participation of the planetary civilization in the cosmos, whose self-eco-organizing principle involves a close symbiosis between the polar opposites Ying and Yang, as well as the genuine love to all interrelated phenomens of cosmic law. We talk to note all global problems from a new spirituality free of dogmas, and from the aperture that quantum physics gives us, to evolutionate into homo conscienciatus.
Javier Collado Ruano
Director of Edition

This article was published on 8th March: International Women´s Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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