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We speak here of the challenge of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want.

Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Address (10 December 1993)

AMANDLA! Global Education Magazine is based on a new awareness focused on ethics, solidarity and cooperation as essential values for the common future of humanity. A humanity which has a complex pluriculturalism, which is inherited from the same genetic code: cosmic-biological and cultural-historical, as we proceed from the same cosmic post-Big Bang evolution. Consequently, the anthropic cosmological principle, underlying in the existence of human life, implies making out a new collective and trans humanist horizon.
Headed for that horizon, Human Rights are a lighthouse and a reference point that helps 21st century sailors to understand the transnational values, autopoietic life, multidimensional dignity, transcultural equity, trans humanist solidarity, planetary coexistence, global peace, complex knowledge, and cosmic freedom more easily.
To achieve this, world-society needs a cognitive molecular revolution which correlates intelligence, thought, and consciousness as interdependent neurobiological base of the ecological understanding of the human spirit. In this sense, the common human evolution is a multireferential gnoseologic horizon which must respect the trans nature of the human nature: the quantum-cosmological consciousness.
Global Education Magazine aims to create and disseminate specialized knowledge with multi, inter and transdisciplinary contents, with original works of research, studies, reviews and innovative experiences to improve management and practice of institutions and organizations with humanitarian and philanthropic educational activities. For that reason we promote copyleft and creative commons for the dissemination of the magazine.

Global Education Magazine is destined to raise awareness, to develop critical thinking, and encourage the active participation of students in achieving global citizenship, solidarity, and committed to poverty eradication and sustainable human development.

Their preferred writers are come from educational scientific community with international projects, humanitarian and voluntary activities, as well as cooperation and development: Public and Private Educational Institutions, NGOs, Development and Cooperation Associations, International Volunteers, etc
We have the followings publications in the current journal:

Some articles are available for blinds available for blinds, Global Education Magazine


Human Rights: From a Cosmological Anthropic Principle to the Molecular Revolution of Quantum Consciousness

Derechos Humanos: del principio antrópico cosmológico a la revolución molecular de la consciencia cuántica

Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Global Education Magazine

Statement by FW de Klerk on the Death of Nelson Mandela

SPECIAL: Emerging Human Rights. Ruth Marjalizo González

“Solidaridad sin fronteras para los derechos humanos de los refugiados” Entrevista a Osvaldo Laport, Embajador de buena voluntad de ACNUR.

Interview with Marta Benavides: “Human Rights and 23rd Movement”

Building a Global Citizens Movement: Towards a World Citizens Movement. The Johannesburg Compass: Questions and Orientations

Les droits de l’homme commencent dès l’enfanceEducation about Human Rights begins in Childhood

Sonia Colasse


1stMillennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section:

The Reversibility of Economic Social and Cultural Rights in Crisis ContextsFelipe Gómez Isa
Collaborative Proposal Development Towards Sustainable CommunitiesJames Furze, Quanmin Zhu and Feng Qiao
Livelihoods and Empowerment: A Case Study of Burmese Refugees in Thailand. Dana MacLean
Dadaab Refugees Fear Repatriation will deny them the Right and Freedom to University EducationMugo Mugo
The Special Case of the Right to Primary Education of Children with Disabilities in India: Legally LackingPayel Rai Chowdhury


2nd) Global Education Section:

Augmenting Human Rights with Human Responsibilities. Sue L. T. McGregor
Observatório da Educação Direitos Humanos, Cidadania e Violência: uma estratégia para a articulação da Pós-graduação com a Educação Básica e Formação Continuada dos Profissionais da Educação. José Cláudio Rocha e Denise A. B. Freitas Rocha
The Value of Education for Refugee Livelihood. Callixte Kavuro
Instilling Global Citizenship within the International School Network. Adam Carter
The Art of Compassion in Natural Life. Rashmi Chandran
The Great American NO BULL Challenge. Scott Hannah

3rd) Transversal Studies Section:

Counter-Terrorism Legislation and Fundamental RightsVanja Grujic
Right to Informational Self-Determination of The State and The International Human Right to EducationMariann Rikka
Islamic Attire: Religious Symbol or an Obstacle to Women’s Rights? Athanasia Zagorianou
Internet Speech: Is It Free or Not? Alexia Kapsampeli
Literacy Education Traditions: The Continuity of Secondary and Higher SchoolingElena V. Hetman
Estrutura harmônica do cravo no Concerto Italiano-971 de Bach: visualizando a relação Física e Música, no ensino desta ciência. Pedro Javier Gómez Jaime

In addition, we also have other interesting letters with useful information:

Forever Kids Kenya
Moving Beyond the National Histories. Introducing Historiana – Your Portal to the Past. EUROCLIO
Compromisos internacionales con los Derechos Humanos en el contexto de VIH.  Acción Solidaria en VIH/Sida (AcSol) — Venezuela
Online Model United Nations: Promoting Global Citizenship and Inclusiveness in MUN. Lisa Martin
Appel International: Mapex Lutte contre la Pauvrete. Jean-Philippe PANCRATE
Ego Has no Place in the Classroom. Leslie Hooks
Let’s Stand Up: Global Education through Song. A song to celebrate inclusion and diversity. ONE MORE TIME
Migrants Matter
 “Montana Educator and Entrepreneur Awaraded 2013 Purpose Prize Fellowship”
Human Right of Women a Grey Stand. Rita Eluwade
Your True Nature. Cheri Isgreen

Global Education Magazine encourages all readers to participate in the coming editionInternational Women´s Day (March 8)

International Women´s Day, Global Education Magazine

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