Global Education Magazine: International Day of Peace

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A Reflection on War and Peace for International Peace Day, global education magazine, unesco, unhcr, acnur,


Astrobiological Foundations of Humanity: The Origin of the Cosmodern Consciousness

Los Fundamentos Astrobiológicos de la Humanidad: el Origen de la Consciencia Cosmoderna

Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Global Education Magazine


ESPECIAL:A Reflection on War and Peace for International Peace Day, Greg Simons


De nuevo, la seguridad y no la paz,Federico Mayor Zaragoza


Interview with Dr. Katherine Müller-Marin, Representative of UNESCO to VietNam


Interview – Qaryah Thayyibah: An Alternative School in Salatiga, Indonesia


Global Education as a Transformative Learning, Alicia Cabezudo



1st) Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations Section:

Healing a Divided Planet: Proposed Actions on Transboundary Learning and Innovation,Serafin D. Talisayon

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: in the Context of Government Policy,Sanchita Bhattacharya

Toward A New Tunisian Education System,Mohamed Mediouni

Is Hamas Winning the Gaza War?James M. Dorsey


2nd) Global Citizenship Education Section:

Learning to Live Together: Experiences from Education Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region, Aliénor Salmon and Ramya Vivekanandan-Rodrigues

Teaching Literacy in Jamaica,Ines Boumaiza

Breaking the Israeli-Palestinian Deadlock – Two State Solution, Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Educar para una ciudadanía planetaria: una perspectiva necesaria desde la que entender la Educación Ambiental, Olga Moreno Fernández y Dalva Maria Bianchini Bonotto

Peace and Silence – A Mystical Journey Within, Rashmi Chandran

Peace Education Worldwide: The Radijojo World Children´s Media Network Experience,Thomas Röhlinger


3rd) Transversal Studies Section:

The War and the interaction between levels of Reality: a transdisciplinary approach to Peace, Adrian Mirel Petrariu

The Practice of the Debate of the Tibetan Buddhism as A Space of Artificial Intelligence,Bernard Carmona

Las nuevas fronteras del terrorismo. Derechos Humanos y comunidad Internacional, Marco Cola

Peace Dies, Boko Haram Rises, Athanasia Zagorianou

La democracia en los nuevos espacios de lo político, Ángel Rodríguez Soler

La complejidad del universo educativo: el debate que perdura, Pilar-Moreno Crespo


In addition, we also have other interesting letters with useful information:

Propaging Peace in Indonesia, Mylyono Sardjono

UNHCR and Big Heart Campaign Organize Youth Forum to Strengthen Youth Participation in Protecting Refugee Children,Yousef Al Taweel

22 Million People Displaced by Disasters in 2013, Global Trends on the Rise,Ingrid Prestetun

The Necessity for Holistic Education in Economics and Business that Prepares Young Leaders for Sustainable Leadership within the 21st Century,Saskia Troy

Ma´arif Group Improves Computer Lab Effectiveness and Efficiency in 25 Schools across Saudi Arabia with Ncomputing

Letter to Humanity About its Evolution From its Organism,Kubik Sahara

The Planetary Power of Peace,Francisco Gomes de Matos


International Human Solidarity Day, Global Education Magazine

Global Education Magazine

20th December 2014

International Human Solidarity Day

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