How Human Legacy is UNITED in My Heart

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The interesting thing is, that I received, a most lovely contribution, posted in a discussion through Linkedin, and I must say I was quite surprised, realizing that Melcir Erskine-Richmond (1)who posted this video, gave a very beautiful and interesting meaning to the trailer, and the female, who is standing on the shore as follow; “She is watching the tall ships coming up to her, with, the meaning to pick out the right ship for her healing and holistic cleaning journey to undertake around the oceans of the world”.


To me existing “OutOfManyOnePeople” which is also the national motto of Jamaica (3) while watching the trailer and hearing the music, I unexpectedly and suddenly realized that my apparently very old soul was traveling way back in time, seeing an image of my Arawak Great Great Grand Mother, standing there on the shores of Jamaica watching the tall ships coming her way, “gazed with wonder at the strange ships whose great and white square sails resembled the wings of some enormous bird”(3). The young Indian woman is just gorgeous, innocent and surprised, not yet realising what is coming over her and her tribe…

The Arawak Indians were the first original and Indigenous inhabitants of Jamaica. There, “they lived an untroubled life, fearing nothing but drought and hurricane, and sudden Carib raids” (4).By the discovering of them by the European, most of them died under terrible and cruel circumstances, and part of them were abused and killed by their oppressors who destroyed, and took everything away from them.

By seeing this trailer I realised that this human legacy lies partly and deep within me, and in many other people around the world. The Indians used to live a peaceful and harmonious life, of from most tribes it has been roughly disturbed by other nations that abstracted away everything that did not belong to them, and all because of greed.

While this history is well know by now, and has been spread, and educated widely all over the globe, strange enough and surprisingly in this time of civilization, issues like this are still non stop happening. Rich countries are taking for instance still a great share of their wealth out of Africa. Not feeling the need, nor responsibility to take care or at least to give back to, and to respect the human rights of, the local original inhabitants.

Africa is one of the most richest and most fruitful continents on our world, and has large and diverse resources. In theory there is so much wealth and that it can easily feed its own continent and even the rest of the world (5). So why is it that while living in the year of 2012 we still do let poverty and starvation happen in for instance Africa; ironically one of the richest and most fruiful continents of our planet? Also the value of human life here seems strange enough far more less then in other rich countries.

This continent which provides and contributes to the wealth of rich countries seems not to be able to feed and to shelter all its original inhabitants. We wealthy humans in rich countries need to evolve our minds, and consider our attitude about this. Rich countries can still have a great share of the wealth, but do also carry a responsibility to take care of the needs of the original inhabitants of the continents, of which it all is taken from in a one way direction. We also need to seriously realize that there is just one race, and that this one race is called humanity.

Time has come to unite and to heal the world and its history, by giving back; to y(our) brothers and sisters and children of the sky…


Persons that I have quoted and sources that I have used;

  1. Mrs Melcir Erskine-Richmond, Founder-CEO-Visionary Catalyst – First the Earth LandSea International Eco-Holistic-Living City Models Network.

  2. The Creator of the Music of the Trailer is; Mr Ivan Torrent. The Creator and designer of the Trailer is; Mr Kevin Mantey Frederick (I have the official permission from both gentlemen to use the trailer and the music to be published for this piece).





This article was published on January 30th: School Day of Non-violence and Peace in Global Education Magazine

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