Let’s Stand Up: Global Education through Song. A song to celebrate inclusion and diversity

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This exciting new approach to global learning through song has been produced as a result of collaboration between former headteacher Brian Beresford and Andrew Simpson, an experienced teacher who also provides teaching resources through his work for the BBC. The eye-catching cover features the artistic talent of Matthew McCrea, a Lancashire Primary School pupil.

Inclusion and diversity are encouraged and nurtured within a cohesive society, whether at school, in a community or in the multicultural world. Teaching children to respect all others and to show responsibility for actions and attitudes within the community is a priority: a well informed and consistent approach is important if life-long positive attitudes and values are to be formed.

Let’s Stand Up is an optimistic, celebratory song, promoting respectful and responsible values which are at the core of a society that is inclusive and diverse. It reminds us that all people are connected by being part of a global family tree with “roots that reach from side to side”: expanding upon this point, the song continues “everyone deserves respect, no human being is second best in our own united global family tree”. Such an approach demands commitment from all involved, and the song teaches that “a very large helping of responsibility” is also needed in order to “stand up for the people of the world”.

Our approach is to put the song at the heart of the celebration of our inclusive and diverse community, enjoying singing as a shared activity with an unchanging message: we believe that this activity must be supported across the curriculum and mirrored in the ethos of the school. Schools include content relating to these issues through Citizenship and PSHE. A wider cross-curricular approach is appropriate for presenting the topic in a broad and balanced way. The Diversity in Identity planning sheets provide such an approach, and these can be adapted for many age groups. The planning builds upon themes that are raised through Let’s Stand Up, such as “a part of our identity” (history), “a united family tree” (geography) and “a world with one voice” (music). Literacy, numeracy, art, assemblies and investigative work are also planned, with sufficient detail for individual lessons, extended topics or whole-school approaches.

The song can be heard by visiting the website www.onemoretime.biz

Brian Beresford was headteacher of Primary Schools in Lancashire and North Yorkshire for 20 years. He is also a composer, and now writes a wide range of music for children of all ages as well as leading music workshops in schools across the North of England.

Andrew Simpson spent many years working as an Advanced Skills Teacher supporting schools and teachers across Lancashire. He has produced a range of teaching plans and resources that have reached a national audience including a wide variety for the BBC. Andrew is currently working as a deputy headteacher in Cambridgeshire.

“For we all have one family tree with branches wide, and our tree has roots that reach from side to side.”





Let’s stand up for the people of the world,

Let’s stand up for the people in our community.

For we all have one family tree with branches wide,

And our tree has roots that reach from side to side,

And we stand with arms open wide

And we reach out to those still left outside;

Come on in, come on in, come on in,

Stand with us, stand with us.

People from many cultures are

Living side by side and they are

Sharing their ways of life with one another,

Learning that diversity can be

A part of our identity

And that together we truly can embrace it.

And a multicultural society

Demands a true commitment from you and me

And a very large helping of responsibility.


Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye with

Someone, which might imply that we

Consider their ways to be a problem.

That’s when we should both decide

To put our selfish pride aside

And show respect for another member of the human race.

For everyone deserves respect,

No human being is second best

In our own united global family tree.

Let’s stand up for the people of the world,

Let’s stand up, let’s stand up,

Let’s stand up for the people of the world



This article was published on 10th December: Human Rights Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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