“Montana Educator and Entrepreneur Awaraded 2013 Purpose Prize Fellowship”

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Encore.org announced that Peter Rosten, from Darby, MT, is a national 2013 Purpose Prize fellow. The Purpose Prize honors Americans 60 and older and is the nation’s only large-scale investment award for senior social entrepreneurs and creative problem solvers. Rosten received the fellowship because of his work as the Founder and President of MAPS: Media Arts in the Public School.  MAPS brings arts and science education to rural middle and high school students which promotes creativity and launches careers.

From a pool of more than 1,000 nominees, the Purpose Prize judges chose this year’s 43 fellows. Rosten is the only fellow chosen from Montana and only the second Montanan so honored in Purpose Prize history. (To see his Encore profile: www.encore.org/peter-rosten)


MAPS, media institute, global education magazineMAPS is a state-licensed educational agency (LEA) and the lead partner of a collaborative coalition of five Ravalli County school districts. MAPS students range from ages 12-17 and grades K8–12. 20% of MAPS attendees are home-schooled. MAPS teaching style and the professional backgrounds of its instructors are the key to MAPS success. MAPS courses emphasize the development of higher level thinking skills, and the “cool” but rigorous instruction prepares students for college and global work success.

Student progress is monitored throughout the year to assess what a student knows; where they are going and implement a customized plan to assist them in achieving their goals.  These teaching paradigms (by no means unique) do provide an avenue to individually evaluate progress instead of measuring one student versus another. If a student understands ‘what and why’ they are learning something, outcomes are authentic and relevant to their learning experience.

MAPS also places service learning high on its priority list. In 2011, the school instituted a “GIVE BACK” program whereby students produce pro-bono projects for a wide variety of recipients. Most recently, the Montana Hope Project (www.montanahope.org) and the Bitterroot Youth Homes (http://youthhomesmt.org/) received these services.

This article was published on 10th December: Human Rights Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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