Seeking Peace

Shahbaz Israr Khan, University for Peace, Global Education Magazine

Shahbaz Israr Khan

Visiting Faculty at UN mandated University for Peace


Seeking Peace

Sun has descended with the fear of darkness
Mountains and deserts fearing with its sharpness
 Plants and trees all in slumber
Wants to wake them from the tools of plumber
My home is submerged in the ocean of blood
Should wake my people to run out of flood
Ah! Shadows are here.
Everyone wants to see a golden ray of light
Through a sparkling diamond hole of sight
Rose is withering and bud is weeping
Life is lamenting and death is whispering
Sweet smell coming from Elysium daffodil
Is now pinching and stinking, a fishy mill
Ah! Shadows are here.
Enormous chasm has fallen in united mountains
Fire of hate is now rising from fountains
Flower that was a sign of a beauty tale
Now has a thorn on its petal and is pale
Black tears of moon falling on the face of earth
And are burning my heart like a hot hearth
Ah! Shadows are here.
Wake up! My people Wake up!
It is time to plant a red flower
   To lead our nation on a way to tower
Brought up our land in the cradle of love
Then we be out of cage happy like dove
Make a bond with the strings of affection
Have to do this for the sake next generation
Yes! Shadows will vanish.
Take the children towards peace, heaven and feast
Our hands must be joined to drive away the beast
A beacon of light and desires should be sweetly lit
To make monster a man and a wishful serene wit
I want to see a fragrant and a calm day of light
In dark and dwindling ways a ray in twilight
Yes!  Shadows will vanish.

UN, University for Peace, Global Education Magazine



This article was published on January 30th: School Day of Non-violence and Peace in Global Education Magazine


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