Annual Innovative Learning Spaces summit will delve into the challenges that higher education institutions are facing. The summit will provide an excellent platform for deeper understanding of the link between pedagogical practices and learning space designs. Innovative learning environments can support each institution’s mission of enabling student learning. Hearing the inspirational presentations, prepared by our expert-speakers, will offer participants new ideas and viewpoints on further development of the existing learning spaces and future projects. Besides the individual presentations, this summit is meant to provide an active networking platform for the participants, which will help them with reviewing their strategies and creating solid future plans. The summit will provide an inspiring environment for further discussions about the importance of learning space design, and it will offer new tools for evaluating current designs. Networking breaks will give the possibility for the industry leaders to gather together and discuss about the future developments and the potential behind new ideas.

“The classroom environment can work for us or against us, which is why it is first, last, and always among pedagogical concerns” –John Carroll

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