Human Rights: From a Cosmological Anthropic Principle to the Molecular Revolution of Quantum Consciousness

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AMANDLA! Global Education Magazine is based on a new awareness focused on ethics, solidarity and cooperation as essential values for the common future of humanity. A humanity which has a complex pluriculturalism, which is inherited from the same genetic code: cosmic-biological and cultural-historical, as we proceed from the same cosmic post-Big Bang evolution. Consequently, the anthropic cosmological principle, underlying in the existence of human life, implies making out a new collective and trans humanist horizon.
Headed for that horizon, Human Rights are a lighthouse and a reference point that helps 21st century sailors to understand the transnational values, autopoietic life, multidimensional dignity, transcultural equity, trans humanist solidarity, planetary coexistence, global peace, complex knowledge, and cosmic freedom more easily.
To achieve this, world-society needs a cognitive molecular revolution which correlates intelligence, thought, and consciousness as interdependent neurobiological base of the ecological understanding of the human spirit. In this sense, the common human evolution is a multireferential gnoseologic horizon which must respect the trans nature of the human nature: the quantum-cosmological consciousness.
The electromagnetic fundamentals of consciousness are a property and a manifestation of life. In fact, life and consciousness are two aspects of the same phenomenon of rhizome that interconnects the entire universe: the multiverse. Thus, the epistemological horizons of the 21st century, with the emergence of multiverse theory, should provide sensitivity to our consciences to consider life as a cosmological exception which connects us with the whole.
In the same way as the quantum world “is hidden” in the astrophysical world, Human Rights should be approached from a quantum consciousness that transcends space-time and relates the whole with its parts. Interactions between individuals produce societies, but societies produce the individual. Therefore, individual development and social evolution are interdependent. Human Rights are, thus, a self-transcendence based on co-evolution.
The biospherical evolution of humanity demands a neuro-quantum-logic mutation that contemplates all dimensions of the human being. We talk about navigating by the gravitational and electromagnetic forces of cosmic consciousness through new transcultural, transreligious, transpolitic, and transnational educational programs, allowing us to develop the reflective cognitive potential of creating a new spiritual vision of Gaia.
To achieve this symbiosis between cultures and civilizations, it requires a shift in political, educational, and thought paradigms. To do this, we must appropriate of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations internally, to achieve spiritual and cosmological consciousness that correlates us with the current global scenario of poverty, violence, and exclusion. If our subatomic particles are composed of energy inherited from the Bing Bang, we must listen to our hearts and have to correlate the nature of our consciousness: creating the universal ethical imperative which mobilizes us to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty of the 2.6 billion brothers and sisters who live on less than $ 2 a day.
Javier Collado Ruano
Director of Edition

This article was published on 10th December: Human Rights Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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